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Twisted Trompo is a family owned taco shop that started in 2008 with a single location inside the Chevron at Bachman Lake. The restaurant known as Bachman Lake Tacos, which is still wildly popular with a very loyal following, specializes in Mexican street style tacos, and also offers a variety of tortas and other favorites.

Over the years, the tiny hole‑in‑the‑wall taco shop became noticed and grew in popularity. The demand for our tacos also grew, and so we added taco shops to multiple gas stations around the Metroplex. Each shop offers the same great food, but operates under its own local name.

In 2013, acclaimed chef, Kent Rathbun, called Bachman Lake Tacos his favorite taco shop. Later that year, the restaurant was featured on The Cooking Channel’s Food(ography), and most recently the Dallas Observer stated Bachman Lake Tacos as, “One of the most thoughtful, delicious and inexpensive bites in a city dotted with taco spots.”

Even with all the attention, we knew there was still a large group of people that had never tried our tacos. In 2015, we had a vision to unite the taco shops in an environment that would appeal to anyone wanting to eat a great street taco at a fair price. This vision lead to the birth of Twisted Trompo.

On September 18th, the first Twisted Trompo opened its doors in the heart of Downtown Dallas at 1211 Commerce Street. The restaurant kept its original recipes while introducing new and unique food and beverages to the menu. Twisted Trompo serves up flaming good (we like to say mother flaming) tacos and tequila on tap along with other Mexican favorites out of our state of the art kitchen and bar. As always the tacos, traditional pork trompo, beef and chicken, are made-from-scratch starting with our original and authentic Mexican marinades which set for 24 hours. The meats are then slow‑roasted and hand carved at the time of order.

We invite everyone to experience the great taste of our Mother Flaming Tacos that we’ve been serving for years inside a new environment appealing and affordable for all.